The International Supply Chain Risk Management Network (ISCRiM) is a network of researchers and practitioners engaged in analyzing, developing and disseminating evidence and good practices associated with managing supply chains and their associated risks. The international network was founded in 2001 by a small group of active researchers from the UK, US and Sweden. The primary aim is to facilitate rapid advancement of knowledge and understanding of supply chain risk through pro-active engagement and collaboration amongst key researchers and practitioners in this evolving field. The members regularly exchange and share findings and developments with others in the network. A second primary aim of the network is to provide a core of expertise, information and knowledge which can be accessed by other interested researchers, practitioners and policy makers engaged in supply chain management and the risks associated with increasingly complex and global supply chain configurations.

The team has grown and developed in the period since its inception and represents a large core of experienced international researchers, writers and publishers within this and related disciplines. The 35 members of ISCRiM are drawn from 20 different countries.